When you know you know.

As sorrowful gust of wind that blew right in between the silver linings,I found myself Staring at the painted clouds,realizing there is a shallow superficial structure surrounding substances sophisticatedly.

Where did it find the loneliness it carried on the breeze? The occasional fireflies and the steady street-lamp couldn’t cure the darkness it carried.

Looking up at the stars after shedding a bit of loneliness, the breeze moved towards the northern sky,changing it’s direction, although never knowing the destination. Aren’t we humans, like those gentle air, ever changing-never knowing?

I could see for miles of blue,its never been so clear; down on the town below I believed, the birds on the wire encouraged me to be like the breeze,signalling me to change the direction on a directionless path. I know it’s time.



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