Kuch bheege alfaaz.

Bht saari batein hai jo shayad type karun toh kabhi mukkammal na ho, ya likhun toh alfaz ke kehne ka intention badal jaye, aur tu samjh na payee. Par to summarize.

be thankful for the food you eat, be thankful for the people you meet, Be thankful for the people you lost,Be thankful for the people who found a way back to you, Be thankful for yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Everything that has happened and is happening and is going to happen holds something good for you, and you have to have complete faith in the almighty, gratitude is the first step towards it. That wherever you’re , you’re meant to be.

It’s not that you’re not at all thankful, bas yeh ke, if 10 is the non-thankful area aur 0 represents gratitude toh you’re a 8. No one is at 0, but the goal is to reach there.

Being thankful to be alive, to have a family that loves you and won’t trade you for billions, to have felt the feelings all at once, and to have the privilege of a three time meal are just little-large privileges that are underappreciated. Be thankful and just show this to the closed ones, sometimes with words, mostly with actions, cuz as they say, words are just lies without actions. Be present for your parents, for your sisters and for everyone who cares for you. They’re the one that are gonna love you forever and more, unconditionally. πŸ™‚

P.S- ab theek hai? πŸ˜‘

5 Replies to “Kuch bheege alfaaz.”

  1. SMiles USA Writes


    Is Love Sadly

    Not Are Equally

    Blessed or Come to Love

    Yet Some Still Are Kind

    For No Other Reason

    Than A Moral


    Built As Bricks

    And Mortar From Birth

    Indeed Even Religion

    Serves A Purpose of Love

    No Human Surprise Either

    For Buildings And Chalices

    Without Blood of LoVE NoW Still RiSinG..:)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. SMiles USA Writes All Vaccinated in Florida
        Living Again Same
        As Before the

        Pandemic Yet

        Sadly Young

        FRiEnDS in India
        With No Access

        To Life


        Passed Away

        Perhaps One

        Day One World
        Will Really Care

        Thank You😊


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