Vincent girl.

Did you know that Van Gogh ate yellow paint because yellow is a bright color and he thought that eating that would make him happy?

Everyone thought he was crazy about eating something so poisonous and toxic.

But if you look at it from a less judicious place you realise that it is like any other.

Many of you drink alcohol not just for taste? Some just want to get drunk, have fun, or forget.

Some smoke weed or get high because like others, it makes them happy.

Why do you think that a girl stays with the boy who cheats on her? Because when he’s not cheating on her, it makes her happy, even if it’s toxic and poisonous.

The reality is that we are all desperate looking for a way to be happy, even if it is not good for us.

And so we go through life looking for our yellow paint …

One Reply to “Vincent girl.”

  1. SMiLes USA Writes……………..:)

    Love Reaches Out And Touches

    Love Is the SMiLe On A Child’s Face

    With Open Arms for All Strangers True

    Not All Children Are Born And

    Gardened This

    Way Others

    Are Born With Gifts

    Many Children Do Not Do

    With SMiLes of Open Arms for All

    Seeing Everyone Even the Thorns of Roses

    As FRiEnDS Even the Nature of A Cat Who

    Kills And Eats A Bird As Nature Consumes Nature

    to Naturally


    This Way

    As Love Humans

    The Only ones Who Hoard

    Or Burn Their Dead to Break

    This Circle of Love As Nature Consumes

    Nature This Way As a Lion King And James

    Earl Jones Might Relate in An Animated Movie

    in Spirit of Song by Beyonce too The Lion Eats the

    Antelope Who Eats the Grass the Lion Falls Its Last

    Day to the Grass And Feeds the Children of the Antelope

    The Lion Ate This Way We aRe Equal In Birth And Death

    We Feed Each Other This Way Living or Dead As This Truth


    to all

    Of Nature

    Whole God Complete

    True Vincent Van Gogh Empty

    Within Desperately Trying To Fill

    A Space of Feel Eating Yellow Paint

    As Close to Beauty of Soul to Relate

    Even More Sadly Psychopaths

    Who Never Feel Love

    Cannibals they


    For Someway

    To Consume the Feeling

    of A Smile on Another Face of Love

    Indeed this is a Spectrum And That is Extreme

    However The Spectrum Continues As Folks Replace

    The Warmth of Eternal Loving Smiles and Hugs for All

    With Short Spurts of Behavioral And Substance Addictions

    Particularly in Cultures Where Males Are Not Allowed to Cry

    And Smile Where The Empathy is Castrated So they Will Be Able

    to Kill Others Without Hesitation in Wars to Protect Subsistence in

    Environments of Scarcity Still Yet The Heaven The Kingdom Within Breathes

    Lives Loves Continues on in the Child Who Becomes Adult With SMiLEs

    And Hugs For All Yet True Without the Understanding of What Drives

    Some to Eat Paint

    And All the Other

    Disparities Of

    LoVE iN A Life WHeRE

    Fair is No Fairer Still Than the

    Lion Who Eats The Antelope Who Feeds the Grass

    Best We Will Do Is Love And Worst We Will Do Is Love Not

    True Love Is A Muscle Give Up on it And Love Will Surely

    Wither Even for the Child With SMiLEs And OPeN Arms For All

    See All These Words This Is the Child of Love Who Never Gives Up

    Even In The Darkness of HeLL ON Earth Where Not Even An Empty Chalice is Left

    A Smile

    Still Will Return..:)


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