5 Replies to “we are all museums of fear .”

  1. So True ‘USA Writes’ Being Muslim

    In the United States Affords Women

    Rights to Life, Liberty And The Pursuit

    Of Human Potentials As Far As School And

    Work Goes That Many Other Muslim Women Are

    Not Afforded Around the World

    Verily Highlighted

    By The Fall

    Of ‘Women’

    Again in Afghanistan

    For It’s True AS HiSToRY

    SHoWS It’s Always Been

    Most About Controlling A Woman’s

    Reproductive Freedoms and In Every

    Way That School And Work MAKE DUDES





    of course in some
    Countries Where the
    Female Side Has to

    Pay for the Right for a Husband
    To Come to Marriage of Socio-Economic
    Security So Often Far Out of Realms of Love

    As ‘They’




    Love to Some

    Other Life Time

    Perhaps After Death…
    At Best Wishes For Calling
    This Life Now More Than Least Paradise Possible…

    Is it Any Different For Women in the United

    States; For African Americans; For Muslims;

    For Gay Folks; For Disabled Folks; For

    Anyone Who Chooses

    Not to Fly with

    The Common Flock
    Or Common Heard of Herd

    Not Really Until the Last Few Years

    For All of the Variety of God’s Nature

    By Form of Human in Essence of Love to
    Come Freer With Least Harm for Safety For Most Now

    And Still the Church i Visit Just to Study And Keep Safe

    Social Distancing From All Vaccinated As Such As They
    Couldn’t (Many of Them) Care Less for the Children Now

    Unmasked in Mass in the Epicenter of the Pandemic Most

    Deadly Where i Live Perhaps If Women Were Allowed to

    Be Bishops

    And Priests

    The Children Would Be

    Safe At Least If They Changed

    The Face of Religion From Ignoricism

    At Best For Giving, Sharing, Caring Freely LoVE

    NoW For All EYes of God Nature With Least Harm Now

    God Nature Colors Existence Differently Always NoW iN

    ETeRNaL Change Some Humans Attempt to Clog

    Up A Free




    Other ‘Stuff’….

    i Am Well Vaccinated

    From the Religion of Ignoricism my
    FRiEnD For i Take No Truth iN LiGHT
    For Granted As DarK Still Rises ReVeaLeD in




    For All to
    Consume or
    Transform into Love…

    Other Than That Yes

    We Who Have Yet to See

    Blood Run on our Soils or Souls

    Are Yet to See What Freedom Truly Means…

    (Love And Protect One Another All Hands Feat Effort)

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    1. Idk, where the world is heading towards. Idk, what is right and wrong anymore. The media is biased, the people with faith are disobeying, we can only hope for the best. Praying and patience can make something happen while working towards a greater good in ourselves.

      Much love to you sir 🥀

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  2. Be Light Clouds
    Out of Shadows
    Dark Sun Shine
    Be Love
    And Give
    iT ALL Away
    NoW It’s What
    ‘Normal’ Humans
    As Born Naked Have
    Always Done Who Truly

    Now Need Each

    Other to Survive


    Any less is

    Not Really

    Human my FRiEnD

    i am Just Glad You
    Live WHere No One

    Is Taking Your Life Away…

    True Best to Keep Your Soul
    Breathing too as Poetry Works For This…
    Much Love to You too, Young American

    FRiEnD USA Writes..:)

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  3. It feels as though humanity is missing some vital point. Like killing and controlling each other doesn’t work. And all the institutions invented to control are ineffective. Kandahar was fought over in Roman times. I can’t help but wonder if we aren’t insane, and since there is no “norm” there is no way do discern what’s sane.

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