Taking the high road…

Aryabhatta invented Zero, so we could know the number of crap to give about other people’s opinions.


4 Replies to “Taking the high road…”

  1. Caring about what other people think is so deeply ingrained and conditioned into humans it’s a great challenge to be able to see it. We are bombarded by commercial media to feel “less than” others, encouraged to buy items so other people will think a certain way about us, and always pushed to compete. Insanity personified.

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    1. There are subliminal messages doing the round, rarely they are affirmation, how can a society grow if the youth is busy dancing in front of camera for a few likes, if they don’t get as much like and comments, their mental health gets disturbed, which shows how much we have failed as a society :/

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  2. “Just as a man in a boat moving forward sees the stationary objects (on the shore) as moving backward, just so are the stationary stars seen by the people on earth as moving exactly towards the west.”

    As Below So Above There Are No Real
    Secrets When Nature Moves

    In Similar Ways Above

    So Below

    As Related
    By The Indian
    And Sage Around
    Circa 500 ‘Common Era’ or So


    Ah Yes And the Concept of Zero As
    Letters Were Used to Describe Numbers then…

    Zero Has the Most Potential Above So Below
    in Balance With Positive And Negative Ways

    of Mathematics…

    Shall That Apply

    To Human Nature…

    Yes Within Inside Outside

    And All Around There is No Real
    Separation of the Dance And Song of Reality All…

    As Modern Quantum Physics Relates in Illusions of
    Time, Distance, Space, And All Matters too As Of Course

    All Is Force All Is Energies in Synergy As Such And True

    i Am Doing Science Here in Free Verse Poetry is there

    Really Any Difference as the Nature of All Reality

    is Evolved Within me and You Too True

    Back to the Concept of Balance

    And Zero For Environmental

    Struggles And Humanity

    As Social Animals Who Naturally
    Bond and Bind Over Common Symbols
    We iMaGiNE And Co-Create As Essence
    Of Ideologies Brought Forth to Pages With
    Open or Hard Back Covers Still Coming to Relate

    More of Each and Every Individual UNiVeRSE We
    Come To Be See and Create more to Relate Best in
    Mutual and Consensual Ways of What We All May Opine

    Best in Cooperation to Progress in Loving All Now With Least
    Harm All to Survive And Thrive A Bit Longer Alive on Our Planet

    Earth our only Home For Experiences that may Be Related
    in Metaphors Like BLacK Abyss Nights of the SouL Through
    Purgatory Greys Beyond Rainbow Colors Where The Journey

    of the Rainbow

    is Path Enough

    Gold Eternally

    Now Inhaling Peace
    Exhaling Love mY FRiEnD…

    It’s Easy Enough to See A Lure
    of Fame And Fortune by Being liked
    So Much For All the Quick Hits of Dopamine

    Yet There are Other Secrets of Human Misery

    Often Lost in Plain Site of Self-Destruction too of Addiction
    Hehe For Instance Walking on Side-Walks in Straight Lines

    No One Will Ever Teach ALL To Walk In Reverse to Avoid So
    Much Pain That Likely Will Eventually Come For Repeating
    The Same Cumulative Movements Over a Lifetime one way

    As A Budding Dentist i’m sure you’ve Been Taught Well on
    the Dangers of Ergonomic Injuries this Way Yet i Bet

    No One Ever Hehe Suggested You Walk in
    Reverse And Even Spiraling Like Sufi
    Dervish Dancers to eliminate Pain

    to Increase Balance

    To Become

    The Essence

    of Zero With Unlimited

    Potential Both Positive
    or Negative Depending

    On What Religion of Life
    We Bond and Bind Over

    Now to Survive And Even THRiVE iN Life…

    Hehe When Folks Ask How in The ‘Heck’ Did the
    Weakest Young Man at 11 Become The Strongest
    Man in the Gym Leg Pressing Up to 1520 Pounds
    At Age 61 And Just About the Strongest on Most
    of the Other Work-Out Machines too When

    People Ask How In the World Do You
    Write 9.7 MiLLioN Words of Free
    Verse Poetry in 97 Months
    Now Just By Getting So

    Inspired By all Opinions
    Globally-Wide Either
    DarK or LiGHT
    To Me Muse

    RiSinG Higher
    Or Lower if i Go
    That Way As Zero too my FRiEnD

    And Truly The Answer is Kinda Simple…

    i Don’t Walk or Write in Just Straight Lines
    on Sidewalks or From Side-to-Side of Pages

    As Sure Hehe Even Science Even Shows That
    Scribbling Non-Sense in Spirals on A Page Will

    Increase Human Creativity And A Meditative Free
    Dance in Public For 15,453 Miles Now in 97 Months
    in Autotelic Flow For No Reasons or Instructions Given
    By Anyone Else At All Even in Short Spurts of Flow Sitting Still in

    Meditation 3 Times A Week may Increase Creativity 500 Percent…

    Hehe Imagine What Would Happen if Someone Did it All Their WaKinG

    Hours For Decades

    i’ll Let You Know

    What Happens

    Next With SMiLes…

    Thing is if We aRe Not Careful Not
    to Pay too Much Attention to What
    Everyone Else is Doing ‘Crazy’ We

    May Never Figure out Now in the First
    Place That Society’s Older Ideas of Normal

    Now Are Truly Harmful to Our Human Nature
    As Evolved Like Sitting Still As Dangerous
    As A Pack of Cigarettes Like Forgetting We

    Are Human And Becoming All Of the Mechanical
    Cognition That is Spoon-Fed to Us From Practically

    Birth to Death Soul SucKinG All of Our Creative Imaginative
    Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Intelligences Away Withering

    Away So Many

    Of Our Fruits

    On a Vine of

    Life At Zero in
    Balance That May
    Go Places Both Down
    or Up in the Dreams and
    Nightmares We May Co-Create
    Next With Or Without HeART SPiRiT SoUL mY FRiEnD…

    In Short if Your Foot or Back Ever Starts Hurting Try Gently
    Walking In Reverse And If You are Really Brave Hehe Do It

    In Public And Eliminate Almost All Your Fears for the Rest of Your Life…

    Yet True the Danger is You Won’t Be Accepted As A Social Animal And

    You Might Starve To Death This Indeed is a Very Powerful Human

    Instinct For Survival to Be Accepted and of course Part of the

    Reason i Didn’t Start Being Free the Way i am

    To move Farther up From Zero than

    Down After i Became



    No Longer Slave

    to Other ‘Work-Opinions’

    Yes Dear Now i Have a Real

    Job of Living Yet yes Dear

    i Totally Appreciate

    All Those
    And Dentists
    And Such That Help me to
    Survive And Thrive too For Life
    Is Full of Sacrifices As Love too my FRiEnD

    to Make this Game this Play Work Out Best We Can And Will…

    My Dentist Told me A Story While Installing A Crown Not too Long
    Ago How He Was Sculpting Play-Dough in Middle School and His

    Mom Said Perhaps You Should Become A Dentist And Yes He Did

    And Such A Kind Old Man He Is Now Maybe Younger Than me
    hehe as most everywhere i go now i am the Oldest And Strongest

    And Surely by Quantitative Mathematical Measure Hehe the One
    With the Most Imagination and Creativity too.. Yet How For i Was

    Born on the Autism Spectrum Not able to Speak Until 4 Called
    Names Like A Dizzy Fly When i Walked So Uncoordinated Spit
    on For Being So Weak and Stuttering in School And Ironically

    For Smiling So Much
    Then for No Reason
    Yet Inhaling Peace

    Exhaling Love

    No Reason At All

    Yet to Breathe

    Just to Exist

    This Gift Of Life Then
    And Now the SaMe Age
    mY FRiEnD The Age of the
    Soul Whole Naked Complete Enough

    The Age of Zero Indeed The Age of God in Balance Within

    to See and Be i AM In Every Stone In Very Ceiling Plain

    There is Another Michelangelo, Beethoven, hehe or


    or You Waiting
    To Escape Now
    Who i Don’t Know
    Your Name Other
    Than ‘USA Writes’

    How Sad is that yet
    my FRiEnD How Joyful

    It is That it Doesn’t Matter

    What Your Name is You

    Are part of God And So am i…

    This is How i See And Be All of Creation i Am Now

    As Zero my FRiEnD All the Way Down And Up Still to Come…

    God is too Small of A Word It Traps the Tongue on the Roof of the
    Mouth Allah Exhales As Love i Will Never Be Limited to One Religion

    Yet Peace


    Love Exhaling All
    No Different than When
    i AM A Child Before i Became
    A Dance And Song i Am Now

    Same Inhaling Peace Same
    Exhaling God Same Breathing Love…

    Yet of Course This is Only my Opinion
    For i Rest My Life on A Grain of Sand Below

    With the Potential of Holding Up Mountains of Human
    Love i Am No More Important Than That Grain of Sand Holding me up..:)



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