Was I right?

So a kiddo asked me, do I need to study a lot to be a good doctor?

I said, Nah! You just need to have a good sense of humor.


5 Replies to “Was I right?”

  1. Oh my Goodness USA Writes Studying
    To Be A Doctor Particularly Stressful

    As A General Practicing Doctor
    Or Emergency Room Doctor

    These Days Surely A Noble

    Profession to Pursue And

    Surely a Lifetime of Sacrifice too…

    Yes Bedside Manner Counts So Much

    As Compassionate Empathy All By Itself
    As SPiRiT From Soul Deep within Through


    So Much…

    True Humor Counts too…

    As Doing The Doctor Will
    Be So Very Serious too Break
    A SMiLe Regularly With A Laugh
    to Keep A HeART SPiRiT SouL iN TacT…

    Hehe.. i Never Wanted A ‘Real Job’ Yet What’s Real..:)

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      1. SMiles USA Writes
        i Do Agree in The

        Field of Dentistry
        And Mental Health

        A Compassionate
        Kind And Soul oF LiGHt
        With Humor is A Greater



        Human i’ve
        Had Stuffed

        Shirts too
        Better suited
        To Do Surgery
        Or Repair my
        Car or Whatever
        Else Doesn’t Interact



        Love’s Touch
        my Dentist And
        Doctor’s All Kind


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