To the day you were born.

I had said that when you arrive I will tell you all my heart’s sorrows but how can I say that now? For all my sadness leaves my heart when you arrive.

Thank you for being my full stop and not a comma


The June in Him.

Sometimes someone says something really small and it fits right into this empty place in your heart. Eyes are the best story tellers you know.

I hide inside my scenic heart.
Words hurt.
But that’s okay.
I can deal with a messed up me
but what do I do with a messed up you?
tell me what should I do with the sadness inside of you?

Black shirt, blue jeans, glasses on and loose Tee’s
tell me a hundred stories.
ah! shut up,just let your eyes speak.

he asks me to hold him into my arms like no one has ever held before; and to kiss him barefoot in the terrace above while the moonlight flickers.

Eyes just like stars
but most of his words are new.
he reminds me only a little, but enough of my yesterdays.

I am writing about this guy I really love,
some days I really want to talk about him, he used to ask me how being alive actually feels?
and I tell him,
like a two sided coin, life and death flips, with hope amidst.

it’s comforting to know
that I have fallen for him
and I could fall no more
that’s what
my extents behold
and i can’t make sense of
how all the love in the universe
isn’t enough for the love in my heart.

June reveals colors,
trees have hidden all year,
he has a June as well.
Perhaps, this one time
I’ll ask him
to put his hopes
between my palms
cause I don’t intend
to let him go
from my arms.
I’ll keep his hopes safe
in my hands,
now and forever.




“You can’t hurt someone you don’t love.”

Somedays I am struggling with having and finding my purpose: somedays it’s just too difficult to wake up, do regular things,like having a bath,eating breakfast and making a call. Days when i wanna hug myself for handling each minute so beautifully without breaking down. Days that feels like arrrrggghhh.

On those days I wake up, and I remind myself that I just gotta take one task at a time. So, I cheer myself up for brushing my teeth, making the regular tea, smiling at everyone, and getting back to work despite it all.

There are days you know,When your family isn’t there for you, when your lover isn’t there to hold your hands amidst chaos. Days when the only person that can make you happy is your mom who isn’t there anymore. You will have days when it’ll feel like the people who are supposed to know and understand you the most, just don’t.

On days like this, you will think that you’ve failed at the bonds you’ve worked so hard nurturing. Everything will seem painfully pointless when peace of mind can’t be found, even in the arms of your safe house.

If you feel like the world has let you down and the weight on your chest simply can’t get lighter, remind yourself of the times when you messed up in grand ways and wanted to cry your night into sleep but your friend showed up at your door with coke and pizza so you had a sad movie night and cried at the screen instead, feeling the world lifting off your shoulders.

Think about how many of your failures came and went without pain because your mom and dad forgave and loved you for being your messy magical self.

Yes, there will be days when your best people won’t be their best selves and those are the days when you really need to Step up to the position you’ve been given in the lives of all the brilliant people around you and love them a little harder when the world stops making much sense.

We are all fighting our battles so who can’t use a lift once in a while. When you love someone, be all in for the bad days and watch how you bring out the best of everyone.


Perhaps I am unsure, which pain is worse- the trauma of what happened or the pain of what may never will…

Figuring out.

It’s easy to feel like everyone else has it figured out but you. I like having things “figured out.” I love knowing. I love predictability. I love to feel like I have things all together. But in reality, most of those things elude me. Often times, I’m just taking it one day at a time. Figuring out each step as I go. Solving each problem as it comes. And all of that is perfectly okay. ❤️

No expectations.

Treat others,as you would like to be treated.

You know, the Golden Rule. It’s hard to be rude to someone who’s being kind to you. That doesn’t mean you agree with them or that you’re weak. It means that you refuse to let their anger and thoughts change who you are. Loving unconditionally has its own perks peeps!!


I read somewhere, all the bad things that happen in life are the best things that happen to you, it helps you evolve.

Farq sirf nazariye ka hai.

The chaos within.

Life is so beautiful and life is so hard. Life will break your heart and life may take everything you have hoped for. Your world may come crushing down at one moment and the next you’ll feel like you have never felt more alive. But there is one gratifying truth I believe in: I believe that even in the darkness there will be beauty and there will be love and every now and then it will feel more than enough…

All the love.

The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you. — Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Most people find that statement terrifying, the idea that universe is truly random, that there is no plan, no reason, no logic.

For me, that is the most beautiful part of this existence. There is no reason or guarantee for you to exist and yet you do. You’re a statistical improbability in orders of power beyond your own comprehension.

You’re not special but your fleeting cosmological moment to observe this universe that is both terrifying and beautiful is.

Enjoy it, make memories and when your time inevitably ends remember this thing- you lived your life in your own terms, you never intentionally hurt anyone and you wanted to give the world all the love that is there in your heart and that’s all that matters.

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