For ;Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love!!

For Mercy has a human heart,
Pity a human face,
And Love, the human form divine,
And Peace, the human dress.
Then every man, of every clime,
That prays in his distress,
Prays to the human form divine,
Love, Mercy, Pity, Peace.
And all must love the human form:))

It is right,it should be so;

A truth that’s told with bad intent
Beats all the Lies you can invent.


Like that piece of cake that you save and savour
We foodies know the code
Only that i am missing your smiles
Let me seal my lips
Before this craving heart blabbers all..

As it is…

Simple mind, Simple thoughts
The same Silence that I have known for years
It now seeks to grow over me
And I slither around
To more confident people
Who have trained their minds in lonelier ways
Seeking a whimsical solution to the madness
Coz it is always difficult to accept life as it is…