What you should know about me is;

That I am an extremely happy boring person or an extremely sad funny person simultaneously in a soul… and that is it!!


What are these humans you speak of?

What are these humans you speak of?

Humans landed on the surface of moon.

Humans started exploring Mars.

They descend below the water’s surface to interact with the environment, diving deep down into the ocean.

But Alas!!!

the humans you speak of,

Could never reach unto HUMANITY..

“An aching pleasure”

Since your comforting thoughts appeared

Revolving through my mind’s fluffy blanket;

I started feeling an interminable desire

Which doesn’t wanna terminate.

My existence is void without you,

Deliberately becoming heartless from longing,

Spent looking for your roun footprints,

Dejected, frivolous, heartless and trifling…

The Neutron Ramble.

& eventually everyone lies,

When they talk about stardust, soul and butterflies;

We are nothing more Or less

than “A Neutron Rambling in the crowd”

Or maybe just proud

Of the existential crises

And nothingness;

The power of not having any power

The nullified thoughts

And the imaginary consolation,

The healing power

That we posses;

Its entirely an energy

That transforms

From one form to another

We are none,


Or maybe


To someone

Merely a particle




Deforming .




But never in circles….