When you know you know.

As sorrowful gust of wind that blew right in between the silver linings,I found myself Staring at the painted clouds,realizing there is a shallow superficial structure surrounding substances sophisticatedly.

Where did it find the loneliness it carried on the breeze? The occasional fireflies and the steady street-lamp couldn’t cure the darkness it carried.

Looking up at the stars after shedding a bit of loneliness, the breeze moved towards the northern sky,changing it’s direction, although never knowing the destination. Aren’t we humans, like those gentle air, ever changing-never knowing?

I could see for miles of blue,its never been so clear; down on the town below I believed, the birds on the wire encouraged me to be like the breeze,signalling me to change the direction on a directionless path. I know it’s time.



I’d trade everything to be in your arms again!

Six feet under

Somewhere near

Not too far;

Her memories

I try to decipher ,

Like a Morse code;

dots and dashes or dits and dahs

Combining every letter,

Her words,

Her actions,

The pattern she used to work in,

Unravelling The ties;

I remember she told me,

She won’t be here for long,

I remember She told me;

To love everyone as she does,

I remember she told me,

She wanted me in her arms,

Being here

But wanting to be there

Why I don’t remember

She telling me,

I love her

As much as she does?






Perhaps she believed I don’t.

What are these humans you speak of?

What are these humans you speak of?

Humans landed on the surface of moon.

Humans started exploring Mars.

They descend below the water’s surface to interact with the environment, diving deep down into the ocean.

But Alas!!!

the humans you speak of,

Could never reach unto HUMANITY..

“An aching pleasure”

Since your comforting thoughts appeared

Revolving through my mind’s fluffy blanket;

I started feeling an interminable desire

Which doesn’t wanna terminate.

My existence is void without you,

Deliberately becoming heartless from longing,

Spent looking for your roun footprints,

Dejected, frivolous, heartless and trifling…