People think

You want them

To do something

or say something special;

You Don’t !!!!

You just want them

To be themselves,

So that you can be




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Chemical hearts.

16th January’2021-

Your taste in people will change when you learn to love yourself. Stop wondering if you are good enough for other people and start wondering if they are good enough for you.

There are all these moments when you think you won’t survive and you survive anyway.

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Thank you.

Thank you
for being present during
all of the times I needed someone,
but was too afraid to ask.
Thank you for dropping your entire life
just to make sure I was ok.
Thank you for taking me under your wing
when I was too damaged to fly.
Thank you.
For being the best example of friendship.



It’s Been a while.

I don’t enjoy things the same way that I did before. Years ago, I thought I really enjoyed meeting and getting engaged within a crowd of people, and be sociable enough to try to get to know most of them; but it turned to be exhausting these days. Alike them, I have doubted myself—if I just became the one to kill such joy, or I was actually discovering a part of me I have been neglecting since then. Some of the persons I’ve known told me that I’ve changed; I’m wondering what would be their reaction once I say that this is the real me—I talk less, because it’s tiring; and I am saving my words for more pertinent ocassions and instances.

I am no coward for staying on my safest space; I am brave enough to protect my own peace.

—Ren Ednalig |


Countless people fall in love every day, almost half of them realise that it wasn’t even love, to begin with. They were in love with the idea of having a companion. They were in love with the idea of being embraced despite their flaws, to be accepted, to be held.

It’s easy to fall in love, even easier to fall out of it. But you see, it takes a lot to stay in love. It takes a lot to accept the fact that the person you fell in love with has changed. Or sometimes, it’s difficult to accept that maybe you’ve changed. You have to talk about everything and after a point it is just exhausting.

You have to live with this time bomb in your hand. Maybe you’ll cut the right wire, maybe you’ll not. You’ve no idea when it will explode or if you even have time. You never know how things will end or if they will end, at all. Love is about taking the plunge. You just never know what’s gonna happen.

I think love is for the ones who are brave. My heart is fragile. Sometimes, I think I am not even made for love. Sometimes I think, I am just a coward. To be loved is such a liability, I can love, I am not heartless, but I will always love from a safe distance.

You see? I don’t like to play with fire. I adore it when people tell their stories or when I see lovers holding hands and I silently pray that their story doesn’t end in tears. I really believe in the idea of love but relationships are a lot of work. I felt it when Faiz said “Aur bhi gham hain zamane me mohabbat ke siva” I felt it.

There’s a lot to feel, a lot to do and a lot is sometimes not enough. And I don’t know what is. So I just choose not to make myself so vulnerable, only to return to a shell someday. Maybe I am a coward, but at least, I am honest about it.


*Happy* *covid-y* *year* !!! #christmas

With every 25th December we realize,

The year is coming to an end,

And we immerse ourselves

in the thoughts of,

How much we have lost,

& How much we have gained…


This is not the Christmas to ask for

everything we want friends,

Maybe this the year,

We just need to be

Thankful for what we have!!!!!

Hustle culture.

‘The only way to fix your present is to make your future the way you want it to be’-

Give your today the 100% focus, the 100% attention, the 100% hard work that it deserve, commit to your goals. Move an inch daily, see yourself grow, reaching towards your goal is exactly as difficult as you have read, but the destination is worth more than you can ever imagine.

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It’s time, you choose yourself

People stop caring about you, Ignore you, find a replacement for you and then come and ask you “Why did you give up on me?” Do you think it was easy for me ? To give up on people who i shared a lot of memories with ?and lots of times were spent on them, I gave up because i ran out of solutions and i really got tired of finding excuses for them every time they ignored me. I couldn’t find someone who fights for me and show me with actions how much i mean to them, I don’t know why am i always the one who fights and stays despite everything? But this time i gave up, I decided to choose myself first, I deserve people who fight for me because they really love me for who i’m without trying to change me and i deserve people who accept me with all my flaws


Your taste in people will change when you learn to love yourself. Stop wondering if you are good enough for other people and start wondering if they are good enough for you.

We are Warriors.

‘I believe depression is legitimate; but I also believe that if you don’t exercise, eat nutritious food, get sunlight, get enough sleep, consume positive material, surround yourself with support, you aren’t giving yourself a fighting chance.’